Jesse Krieger joined us in 2023 after graduating from University of Newcastle with a Masters of Exercise Physiology following a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science. Jesse is both an Accredited Exercise Scientist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA). Jesse’s training years included working within both private practice and hospital settings, so he is familiar with clients at both ends of the health spectrum.

Jesse is working aside the highly experienced Natalie Gale and brings a wonderful manner with his clients and youthful enthusiasm to help motivate you back to your best. Jesse loves listening to your story, identifying and then overcoming your barriers to exercising at your best level, and working with you to achieve your goals.

Jesse has always been active playing sport. His main game is Oztag- which he loves- and he is also a keen runner. Jesse trains regularly in the gym, using his own knowledge to be fit and efficient with his own training.

Like most of us here at Aspire, Jesse has endured his share of injuries and needed the help of physiotherapists. A lower back injury a few years ago led to a cycle of chronic pain and was stopping him from doing the things he loves. Physiotherapy and exercise were Jesse’s way out. This experience resulted in Jesse developing a passion for helping people going through their own health and fitness battles, applying his expertise with empathy from his own journey. Jesse got back to his best and loves working with our clients so that they can achieve their best again. He understands the importance and value of finding someone you can connect with and believes in you to overcome your challenges, without sacrificing doing the things that you love. Jesse knows from his own experience that there is always a way to achieve your goals, and his great skill is his ability to communicate and engage with his clients to work out what that way looks like, show you and take you along that path.

In particular, Jesse has a special interest in helping clients with lower back, hip and shoulder pain, and people with health conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease. When you are exercising with Jesse you are guaranteed that he is caring, motivating, understanding, and will push you along with a smile.

We don’t book Exercise Physiology appointments online, so please call us on 02 4380 8277 and we will organise an initial assessment appointment for you.