Dr Andrew Nealon graduated from University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Physiotherapy in 1997. Andrew’s commitment to ongoing professional development and lifelong learning is best demonstrated by his own study and research. From 2011 to 2017, Andrew achieved a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Physiotherapy from La Trobe University in Melbourne, under the supervision of world leading tendon pain physiotherapist and researcher Professor Jill Cook.

The subject of Andrew’s thesis was side strain injury to fast bowlers in first class cricket in Australia and England. Side strain is a painful and common injury to fast bowlers and baseball pitchers that occurs at the lower rib cage. The study involved over 5 years of data collection and was endorsed by Cricket Australia and the England and Wales Cricket Board. The research included over 200 fast bowlers and received contributions from over 30 physiotherapists of first class cricket teams in Australia and England including both national teams. The goals of the study included investigating the relationship between clinical assessment tests and MRI findings with time to return to play and risk factors for the injury including bowling workload. So far 5 papers from this research have been published in academic journals. Andrew presented his findings at the World Congress of Science and Medicine in Cricket during the Cricket World Cup in Sydney in 2015. Andrew has also contributed pieces on side strain injury for the most popular sports medicine text book in the world, Clinical Sports Medicine by Peter Brukner and Karim Khan.

Andrew’s publications include:

Side strain in sport: a narrative review of pathomechanics, diagnosis, imaging and management for the clinician

Trunk side strain has a high incidence in first class cricket fast bowlers in Australia and England

MRI findings are associated with time to return to play in first class cricket fast bowlers with side strain in Australia and England

Sonographic appearance of side strain

Cricket side strain injuries: a description of trunk muscle activity and the potential influence of bowling technique

During his time at Liverpool Football Club, Andrew was a main author in an expansive review of the management of hamstring injuries in sport. This paper was published in the prestigious British Journal of Sports Medicine and remains one of the most downloaded articles in the history of the Journal. It can be downloaded for free from:

Recurrent hamstring muscle injury: applying the limited evidence in the professional football setting with a seven-point programme

During his 10 years working with professional sports teams, Andrew has featured in the media on several occasions.

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Andrew has also been interviewed for “A Night with Luis Garcia” and on “The Locker Room” on 2GO with Steve Allan in 2016. Audio snippets below courtesy of 2GO

25th June 2016. Managing players at Liverpool FC

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