Exercise Physiologists are university qualified allied health professionals who prescribe exercise as medicine for a range of injuries, illnesses and chronic health conditions. Exercise Scientists are university qualified allied health professionals who provide education, motivation, instruction and exercise to help you be a fitter and healthier version of yourself Рto be your best. Our staff are both Exercise Physiologists and Scientists, accredited with Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA).

Our brand new premises includes our premium equipped gym, for our clients to undertake prescribed exercise in our private space, by appointment only, either 1:1 or in groups of no more than 3 clients at a time, under the supervision of one of the best Exercise Physiologists/Exercise Scientists on the Central Coast in Natalie Gale.

Our clients are often patients that have graduated through our physiotherapy practice, who have overcome their need for regular hands-on treatment and need to build or sustain their strength and movement patterns to get back to their best, or stay their best. They love the professional yet friendly environment that we have created, the expertise and service that they receive, the motivation that they enjoy, the high end equipment that is always available for them without a queue like a busy gym, the easy access to parking, the privacy of our exercise space, the absence of powerlifters and teams of footy players, and most of all, they love their results and getting back to their active lifestyle and/or sporting activity.

We also have many clients that are referred directly to our Exercise Physiologist for treatment with exercise by a growing number of GPs and medical specialists. As experts in exercise, our team specialises in the delivery of specific exercise programs for many illnesses and injuries, such as those listed below:

Our clients range from adolescents overcoming injury and building strength, to healthy fit people that just want to exercise in a great environment with excellent professional training, to people living with long term health conditions or recovering from illness, to middle aged and older people that simply want to stay strong and maintain their bone and muscle strength so that they remain fit, strong and well balanced to keep up their active and social lifestyles.

Our private clients are entitled to rebates via their private health fund, and we also welcome referrals for Medicare GPMPs (care plans), workers compensation/CTP, NDIS and DVA patients. All clients first undergo a 45 minute initial consultation with our Exercise Physiologist and are then prescribed their own individual program based on the latest medical evidence specific to their condition, needs and goals. Key indicators such as blood pressure are measured prior to every session for people with health conditions. Our exercise sessions are varied, progressed and upgraded, fun and challenging, yet safe and carefully considered. We communicate clearly with your doctor and ensure that we are all working towards a common goal. Your exercise is accompanied by ongoing education and advice to guide your health and lifestyle choices, empowering you with information and independence.

If you need help to get started exercising again, need our expertise or feel that you will enjoy and benefit from our exercise environment, please call us now on 02 4380 8277 so that we can get you back to your best.